When America Looks More Like Jerry Springer

I cried when they stormed our capitol building--did you?

I’ve always been very vocal that I think Jerry Springer has single-handedly caused a devolution in morality for the American people. Somehow we went from Oprah’s feel-good content to the ripping off of wigs and audiences shouting for violence—and America ate it right up. I used to work in the hairstyling industry and I remember the television in the breakroom blasting out the cesspool of Springer guests to the delight of my coworkers on their breaks and thinking—how is anyone ok with this as entertainment? What does this say about us?

Yesterday, in Washington DC, the world watched in horror as Trump supporters stormed the halls of our capitol building, waving flags and shouting like they were on a Jerry Springer show. I wonder if the spectators around the globe felt like I did years ago when my co-workers celebrated the underbelly of humanity. I wonder if our adversaries took notes on our weaknesses, clearly outlined in the footage. How easy it was for people to get inside of the capitol building. How neglectful and self-serving it was for our sitting president to let this go on—it stroked his ego, no doubt.

I sat at home watching the events unfold and to be honest, I cried. I felt the soul of America wavering on the brink of utter destruction. I wrote a response rather hastily and posted it on News Break, a popular news media outlet for which I am a content writer.

You can read that here.

I don’t know where we go from here. Top Republicans began breaking away from Donald Trump with public statements, condemnation of the violence, and in some cases, resignations. Twitter and Facebook shut down Donald Trump on their platforms. How sad when social media giants have to make decisions to save lives—when our sitting president will not.

For my friends and family members who support and love Donald Trump; I am embarrassed for them. I know it must be difficult for them to accept or admit that they were wrong, horribly wrong, about this man they thought would save America.

In short, Donald Trump is ripping this country apart at the seams. He is a rogue president. He must be removed from power before anyone else is killed. I fear it may be too late for that—so many blindly follow him and take his “suggestions” to be show up and show “strength.” Surely there are more opportunities for events like yesterday. Reports are coming out now about pipe bombs that were found at both the DNC and RNC headquarters. Trump’s calls to action are blatant and in my opinion terrifying. We have not seen the last of this rising up. Donald Trump has awakened lions.

Hungry ones. Angry ones. Ones that do not adhere to the law when it suits them. Ones who are white and do NOT get shot when they “act up.” Yes, I said it.

As a Christian, I pray for my country and its leaders. As an American, I pray for my country and its leaders. As a human—I cry for them.

Thank you for hearing out my heart today. It is very heavy and burdened with the weight of yesterday’s horrific events. No matter your political affiliation, I want you to know that I believe we can all do better, be better, and demand better from our country. May 2021 be the year America truly beats its demons, unites its people, and shows the world who we really are—resilient, good, hard-working people who care about liberties and justice—for ALL.


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