We are All Feeling So Cooped Up From Coronavirus

But we can do this--here's a little inspiration

Hello friends,

One of my favorite places to publish my work is a Medium publication called Lit Up. They are fairly selective on who they accept as writers and what works they will publish. I am pleased they accepted my latest poem—and I think the message of that poem is so important.

Coronavirus has us ALL on edge. We are cooped up in our homes thinking of all the things we can’t do right now, maybe even getting on each other’s nerves a bit. Never in my lifetime have I seen the level of public angst, frustration, and general unrest that I am seeing now—and it hurts me to see it.

Nature breathes.
So should we.

I am one of those crazy people that believes in the ultimate goodness of people. Are you?

Do you believe that without all the Facebook ranting and false information, without the protection of screen anonymity, that people really do care about each other and want well for themselves and others?

I opened Facebook one morning this week and it was one awful complaint post after another. I just decided that day I wanted to focus on the positive. For me, that meant a bit of unplugging.

The following poem was born.

(Here is an excerpt—the link to read the whole thing is right below—your reads help to support my work but this particular poem will help to support your spirit in these trying times. If you think this poem deserves more people to see it—clap for the poem on the link and then share it or this newsletter link with your family and friends.)

Take a Deep Breath

The world is on edge.
We are told where we can breathe
and how to do it carefully
to avoid the minuscule virus
that can wreak havoc in our lungs.

But the air in here feels
so tight, so not my own.

It is the same air
that happily moved through
my home and my lungs
before isolation — but now
it is stale, unwelcome.

I try to read through Facebook
this morning, but there are
too many words
ugly words
hateful words
people being
the ugliest
of people.

We all need to just
take a deep breath —
one with the scent of
dandelions and fresh cut grass
the scent of birdsong
and spring springing right up
out of the ground, unnoticed
while we bitch and moan
and complain.

Nature breathes.
So should we.

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Thank you friends—I wish you and yours health, wellness, and peace in the turmoil.