Spotlight on Poet Anna Shtorm and Her New Book ‘Friends Over Lovers’

Through the Eyes of a Poet series #14

Through the Eyes of a Poet series by Christina M. Ward
Featured Poet: Anna Shtorm

Objective: To encourage people to broaden their reading interests through poetry, support the poetry community, and introduce you to poets and their personal stories.

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Hello all! Today Fiddleheads & Floss did a new poet feature and I’d love to share it with you. In the feature, I interviewed a Russian poet named Anna who was encouraged and taught by her family from a very young age to embrace poetry and express her life in rhyme. I hope you’ll take a moment to learn about her, her childhood, and her expression through poetry.

Here’s a small snippet of what we covered in her interview:

What is your greatest hope with regards to your poetry?

I think it’s an ongoing process of mastering the craft. I hope that I can improve my writing style and expand my knowledge in this field. But the most important thing I hope is that poetry will always bring me this magical feeling of the universe whispering her secrets in my ear.

Does your poetry have a message or a theme that you want to portray to the world?

I used to say that my poetry is a digital sorrow wrapped in overdressed rhymes. I use poetry to let go of things and encourage people to reflect on themselves. I talk about feelings and everyday situations in a quite relatable way. I want people to read and nod and say, Oh yes, that’s me! That’s what I feel.

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Please enjoy this lovely poem of Anna’s that spoke to me with it’s wit and spiritual blend:

The Full Moon Prayer

Mother Moon!
I am the daughter of yours.
Cover me in your delicate sauce.
Silver taste on my lips from your kiss.
Mother Moon!
Please save me from this!

Mother Moon!
You are fifteen days old,
Dressed in gown embroidered with gold.
Give me please yours the fullest of full.
Help me follow all of your rules.

I let go the things I don’t need.
Let me blossom under your lead.
Mother Moon
Be my energy source!
Mother Moon
I am the daughter of yours!

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Thank you for reading about this featured poet. I invite you to include poetry in your reading and give this genre a chance to enrich your life. I will be featuring poets on my blog (Author Website), in my newsletter (Author Newsletter), and on my Medium platform (Fiddleheads & Floss Poetry). I welcome you to read about these poets, support them, and perhaps find a poet that brings something very meaningful to your life.

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