New Content Creator for the Popular News Break App

Here's the skinny on News Break, what it is, and why you should follow your favorite content creators.

Have you heard of News Break? Well, I hadn't either until they invited me to be a part of the new Content Creator Program, a paying content stream for my work. It is my understanding they have only accepted 200 writers to this program.

News Break is a popular free app that funnels local news stories right to your phone for you. Live in a small town? It's ok because anything in your area will come to you--and it's super helpful to stay on top of what's going on in your area. If you want to download the free app, here's the link to do that. FREE NEWSBREAK APP

You will likely see me sharing my profile all over the place as I need to build followership on this new platform. The platform pays handsomely, so I need to give this a good head start! (I mean 1K a month? Yes please.)

Please hop by and give me a hearty FOLLOW.

I plan to post local news, national news, and all kinds of self-help or educational pieces--maybe even some entertaining essays. I look forward to seeing you on NB!

Here's how to get the app.
Here's how to apply to be a content creator and earn 1K per month.
Here's how to follow my account on NB.

Here are a few articles I already have on the platform if you'd like to give them a thumbs up for support.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe these holidays! Stay home if you can.

~Christina M Ward
Owner @ Fiddleheads & Floss Writing Services